31 October 2020
  • 3:32 pm Nawabshah man arrested for killing Indus dolphin
  • 3:32 pm OGRA recommends Rs2 reduction in petroleum prices
  • 2:47 pm It’s not me: Sana Javed warns fans about fake account
  • 2:32 pm Actor Aisha Khan celebrates daughter’s first birthday
  • 2:32 pm United Bravo becomes the cheapest car in Pakistan
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By the grace of Allah, This green flags is respected in all the worlds. The dignity will never be able to do so. God willing long live pakistan long live.

If you want to break a country, then hate in public against the forces. Our enemy is doing this. The people of the world are blatant your army and agencies. Kẖdạrہ don’t leave with your army. We are the ones who live in peace, behind every moment; pak army and isi are the helpless sacrifices. Let’s all get the slogan.

Pak army zindabad

Isi live long live

All Pakistanis are requested to share this post and message all these #elements; we stand with our army and isi, stand up and stand up.

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