26 October 2020
  • 5:32 pm Whatsapp Business to start charging users now
  • 5:32 pm Belarus strikes start after Lukashenko ignores deadline to quit
  • 5:02 pm Iran’s parliament lashes out at Macron over Islamophobic remarks
  • 5:02 pm China to impose sanctions on U.S. firms over Taiwan arms sales
  • 4:48 pm Salman Butt reveals reasons behind retirement from red-ball cricket
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Newly-appointed Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi on Monday said there is a need to alter the ‘direction’ of Pakistan’s foreign policy.
“We need to change the direction of our foreign policy,” Qureshi said while speaking at the Foreign Office shortly after being sworn-in as a member of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s cabinet.
Stating that Pakistan’s foreign policy will be reviewed afresh, the foreign minister said, “We want peace and stability in the region.”
“Our foreign policy will begin and end on Pakistan,” he upheld and added that they are determined to resolve the challenges faced by the country.
“We will make sure that Pakistan is respected worldwide and for that we will have to set our priorities straight,” Qureshi added.
Shifting focus to relations with neighbouring countries, the foreign minister stressed, “Dialogue is the only way forward with India.”
Regarding relations with Afghanistan, Qureshi said, “We want to go with a strong message for Afghanistan and will contact Afghan President Ashraf Ghani to schedule a visit to Kabul.”
Qureshi also said, “Some powers were taking advantage of the vacuum created by the absence of a foreign minister and were trying to push Pakistan towards isolation.”

Abdul Gh Lone