1 April 2020
  • 8:46 am China lockdown may have blocked 700,000 virus cases: researchers
  • 8:46 am States to trace Tablighi delegates as hundreds show symptoms
  • 8:45 am Live: 4 more cases confirmed in Andhra Pradesh
  • 8:45 am New test kits likely in 2 months: ICMR
  • 8:45 am Coronavirus: 250+ foreigners under watch
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Siddaramaiah’s remark that he’d like to have another stint as CM triggered speculation in political circles of him looking to make a comeback by toppling the Kumaraswamy government. However, Siddaramaiah in Mysuru cleared the air on Saturday, saying what he meant was he’d become the CM only if people bless him in the next assembly polls, which he claimed would be held after five years.

Abdul Gh Lone