30 March 2020
  • 9:45 am Coronavirus live: No plan of extending the lockdown, govt says
  • 9:31 am COVID-19: Lockdowns give Europe’s cities cleaner air
  • 9:16 am Six-month-old tests positive for coronavirus in Gujarat
  • 9:15 am Coronavirus could claim up to 200,000 US lives: top scientist
  • 9:15 am #StayAtHomeChallenge: Heer’s self-isolation note
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According to an official statement, Prasad, speaking at the plenary of the G-20 Digital Economy Ministerial meeting in Salata, Argentina, also emphasised that the purity of democratic process should never be compromised and promised that India will take measures to deter and punish those who seek to vitiate the process.

Abdul Gh Lone