1 March 2021
  • 3:17 pm Muniba Mazari has special message for brides
  • 2:32 pm Orangi Nullah operation: Karachi residents chant anti-govt slogans
  • 2:32 pm Video: Whose G3 rifle is this?
  • 1:17 pm Veteran film actor Ejaz Durrani passes away in Lahore
  • 1:17 pm Haleem Adil Sheikh’s bail petition rejected in Karachi rioting cases
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As the debate over reservation continues to haunt the nation, 72 years after Independence, Mysuru celebrates 100 years of being the first to implement it in India to break the dominance of the upper caste. But even then, there was turmoil over the issue in the princely state. Has reservation truly worked for the masses or is it just a vote strategy?

Abdul Gh Lone