21 September 2020
  • 6:02 pm Simulation in healthcare: AKU’s CIME immerses students in lifelike situations
  • 6:02 pm Speaker Asad Qaiser urges world to help resolve Kashmir dispute
  • 5:47 pm Govt will not bow down to any blackmailing: PM Khan
  • 5:47 pm Investors lose Rs 4.23 lakh crore as markets crash amid global meltdown
  • 5:32 pm National T20 Cup: Wasim, Ramiz join Urdu commentary panel
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The Indian commercial aviation industry has pretty much been in shakeout mode ever since the government ended a state monopoly enjoyed by Indian Airlines in 1994. Debt-burdened Kingfisher Airlines ended operations in 2012 — and 10 other domestic carriers remain locked in a largely profitless struggle for passengers, despite operating in the world’s fastest-growing market.

Abdul Gh Lone