23 September 2020
  • 4:17 pm Comedian Mirza Shahi critical after testing coronavirus positive
  • 4:02 pm AC rejects Zardari’s pleas for dismissal of 3 corruption references
  • 3:47 pm Pakistan’s dollar inflows higher than outflows for second consecutive month
  • 3:47 pm No representative of Nawaz Sharif met COAS, claims Maryam
  • 3:47 pm Chinese betting apps: ED hunts for Rs 1,000 crore payout beneficiaries
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​A woman told the SC bench on Monday that though she had indeed married of her own will, she now preferred to stay with her parents. “She is an adult and must be allowed to exercise her free will,”​​​ the bench said, adding, “If she does not want to go with her husband, then it becomes a matrimonial case, which can be adjudicated by an appropriate court​.”

Abdul Gh Lone