22 February 2020
  • 12:15 pm China ‘deliberately delaying’ clearance for IAF’s evacuation flight
  • 12:00 pm TikTok’s viral ‘Skull-Breaker Challenge’ could prove fatal for teens
  • 12:00 pm Over 10,000 civilian casualties in Afghan war in 2019: UN
  • 12:00 pm Watch: Janbaz Force 2020 batch passes out in Hafizabad
  • 11:16 am Billie Eilish breaks record with James Bond theme song
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In an act of bravado, two girl students thrashed two young men catcalling at them at a busy market of Peshawar forcing them to flee.
In an undated video clip that went viral on social media on Friday, the two girl students wearing hijab could be seen angrily slapping across the faces of two young men as a crowd gathers at the scene.
Surprisingly, none of the onlookers in the crowd came forward to help the girls. The owner of a shop in the market told media, the men had been teasing and catcalling the girls for the past few days.
“Today, when the men tried to intercept the women, they reacted angrily, snatched the keys of the motorcycle they were riding and started slapping them right in the middle of the market,” he added.
As onlookers gathered at the scene of the brawl, the men denied they eve teased or catcalled at the women, further angering the girls. While the crowd looked on, one woman grabbed one harasser and hit him repeatedly.
However, he managed to break himself free and ran away, shows the video clip. The woman chased him until he disappeared at a street corner. The other man, in the meantime, received sound drubbing before the crowd intervened.
Last year, two teenaged girls beat up a man after he groped one of them on Tariq Road, an upscale shopping district of Karachi, when they were shopping.

Abdul Gh Lone