20 August 2019
  • 8:00 pm KP students using ice drug in parties: psychiatrist
  • 7:15 pm Punjab govt increases Lahore, Rawalpindi metro bus fares
  • 7:00 pm Police Mobile Khidmat Markaz begins services in Rawalpindi
  • 7:00 pm Steve Smith ruled out of third Ashes Test
  • 6:45 pm DMC Korangi chairman slams KWSB MD over Karachi’s water woes
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Freight train derailed near Padidan, resulting in problems for the passengers due to delay in the trains.
Following the derailment of the several bogies of the train, up and down railway tracks were closed, resulting in problems for the passengers due to delay in the trains.
It was learnt that at least nine trains were stopped leaving the stations, following the derailment of the freight train.
The Railway teams reached the spot to carry out track’s revival work.
“One part of the track would be cleared by evening today”, the Railway officials said and added it will take two to three days for the complete revival of the track.
On April 11, a Punjab bound passenger train derailed near Mehrabpur railway station.
According to Railways officials, Bahauddin Zakariya Express which was on its way from Karachi to Multan derailed when its brakes had failed after its engine developed a fault. So far, no casualties were reported.
A station master had said the train was to stop at Mehrabpur station after leaving Daur station. He said fortunately, the train derailment didn’t result in any loss of life as railway traffic remained suspended on the affected rail track for a brief period.

Abdul Gh Lone