30 May 2020
  • 1:30 pm Istanbul loses hosting rights for Champions League final: reports
  • 1:16 pm US President Donald Trump cuts ties with WHO
  • 1:16 pm No one is failing Sindh’s Matric exams in 2020
  • 1:15 pm Headlines 12pm: Pakistan’s coronavirus cases rise, NCC meeting on Monday
  • 1:15 pm Maybe a few movies more? Clint Eastwood turns 90
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It is a worse eleven ever. Usually coaches are selected on merit but not in Pakistan. Misbah never been a coach in his life and PCB blindly appointed him as a coach, he is better fit to be a Mullah at some mosque. He has no coaching experience what so ever. Not sure why in the world Waqar Yonus is selected as a bowling coach every other four years. Are there a shortage of bowling coaches in the world, I think PCB can hire one from Australia in no time. Looks like Waqar Youns cannot find a job, no where in the world with all his experience, not even in Australia.

Abdul Gh Lone