2 July 2020
  • 2:35 pm Bilal Maqsood shares his artwork with fans
  • 2:34 pm Pakistan to build 15 national parks, says PM Khan
  • 2:34 pm Supreme Court rejects apology of man who threatened Justice Isa
  • 2:05 pm Haroon says he’s waited his whole life to marry Farwa
  • 2:05 pm Imran Farooq murder: Convict challenges life imprisonment in Islamabad court
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President Dr Arif Alvi has stressed upon creation of equal opportunities for the persons with disabilities in all fields of life.
Only by securing the rights of disable persons is requisite for maintaining equality and justice in a society.
In a message on the International Day of Disabled Persons being observed across the globe and Pakistan on Tuesday, the president said that the purpose of observance of the day was to create awareness about the rights of the persons with disabilities.
The president also underlined the need to promote assistive technology because use of such technology could ensure facilities in the lives of disabled persons.
He said Pakistan had played a significant role across the globe over the promotion of assistive technology.
Under the government’s flagship Ehsas programme, the disable persons were being provided with free of cost treatment facilities, he added.

Abdul Gh Lone