2 July 2020
  • 2:35 pm Bilal Maqsood shares his artwork with fans
  • 2:34 pm Pakistan to build 15 national parks, says PM Khan
  • 2:34 pm Supreme Court rejects apology of man who threatened Justice Isa
  • 2:05 pm Haroon says he’s waited his whole life to marry Farwa
  • 2:05 pm Imran Farooq murder: Convict challenges life imprisonment in Islamabad court
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The Cabinet gave the nod to an updated version of the Data Protection Bill that aims to protect the rights of an individual over data he or she generates. Internet giants do not need to keep a mirror copy of non-crucial information, like an individual’s online shopping or browsing habits in India, as had originally been stipulated in the draft bill

Abdul Gh Lone