8 August 2020
  • 1:19 pm Pakistan’s economy is stable: Moody’s
  • 1:19 pm Pakistan donates 8 tonnes of food, medicines supplies to Lebanon
  • 1:04 pm Sindh Wildlife rescues rare bird from poachers in Thatta
  • 1:04 pm Watch: New Zealand’s Kane Williamson shows off his guitar skills
  • 1:04 pm Pakistani Army recruits TikTok long jumper Asif Magsi
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“Who thinks they’re going to have ballistic missiles launched at them … and suffer no casualties?” said Lt Col Staci Coleman, the US air force officer who runs the Iraqi air base which bore the brunt of Iran’s first direct missile attack against US forces. The equipment had been moved earlier and the soldiers spent over five hours in the bunker during the attack.

Abdul Gh Lone