8 August 2020
  • 2:34 pm Armed with saws, ropes, Neelum Valley residents clear blocked roads
  • 2:34 pm Congratulations pour in as Aamina Sheikh shares wedding ring photo
  • 2:34 pm Video: Korangi Causeway sealed as Malir River floods
  • 2:04 pm Australia to host T20 World Cup in 2022
  • 2:04 pm Kozhikode crash: Plane landed 1,000 metres from beginning of runway
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After refined palm oil, the government is looking to further step up the heat on Malaysia with a plan to restrict the import of microprocessors amid indications that the trade dispute is unlikely to be sorted out soon as the Southeast Asian nation and its PM Mahathir Mohamad continues to rile India over Kashmir and the Citizenship (Amendment Act).

Abdul Gh Lone