28 March 2020
  • 5:45 pm A scholarship that will change your life
  • 5:30 pm China’s special plane carrying relief goods arrives in Islamabad
  • 5:15 pm Coronavirus: 231 schools of KP turned into quarantine centers
  • 5:00 pm 4.4 magnitude earthquake jolts felt in Islamabad
  • 4:30 pm Pakistan Post starts delivering pensions to people’s doorsteps
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Five female deer have given birth to 11 fawns at Karachi’s Safari Park, confirmed its director Kunwar Ayub.

Female spotted deer (chital) has given birth to two fawns, blackbuck to one, mouflon to three, gemsbok oryx to one and an ibex to four fawns.

The director said that oryx and ibex are two rare
species of deer.

Ayub confirmed that all
11 fawns were born in a month, adding that the park administration has kept
them safe.

“It is a standard operating procedure to disclose the birth of fawns after some time,” he said. “Our first priority is to look after and take proper care of the newborn”, he added.

The Safari Park director confirmed that all newborn fawns are stable and healthy.

A team of vets has visited
several times for the medical checkup of the fawns.

Abdul Gh Lone