30 March 2020
  • 9:45 am Coronavirus live: No plan of extending the lockdown, govt says
  • 9:31 am COVID-19: Lockdowns give Europe’s cities cleaner air
  • 9:16 am Six-month-old tests positive for coronavirus in Gujarat
  • 9:15 am Coronavirus could claim up to 200,000 US lives: top scientist
  • 9:15 am #StayAtHomeChallenge: Heer’s self-isolation note
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China has agreed to give Pakistan a state-of-the-art scanner to test its coronavirus patients, National Disaster Management Authority Chairperson Lieutenant General Muhammad Afzal said Wednesday.
“I have been informed by the Chinese government that they are sending a scanner that will test people… without normal test,” Lt Gen Afzal told the parliamentary leaders in Islamabad. “People will go past it and we will know about this disease.”
He, however, said that the scanner is “very big” in size and the government is considering whether to send one plane to bring it to Pakistan or two. The NDMA chairperson said they could also open Khunjerab Pass and bring this scanner to the country by road.
Lt Gen Afzal said that the Chinese government was providing Pakistan medicines and equipment to contain coronavirus on a priority basis.
He added that a PIA plane will depart for China on Friday to bring masks and other equipment to the country.
The total number of known coronavirus cases has reached 1,106 and the virus has killed eight people in the country.

Abdul Gh Lone