30 March 2020
  • 9:45 am Coronavirus live: No plan of extending the lockdown, govt says
  • 9:31 am COVID-19: Lockdowns give Europe’s cities cleaner air
  • 9:16 am Six-month-old tests positive for coronavirus in Gujarat
  • 9:15 am Coronavirus could claim up to 200,000 US lives: top scientist
  • 9:15 am #StayAtHomeChallenge: Heer’s self-isolation note
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The known number of cases in Balochistan has reached 131 after 11 new cases were reported Thursday morning.

The figures have been confirmed by the Government of Balochistan.

The report says that 2,033 people have been screened for the virus.

Pakistan’s tally crossed 1,000 on Wednesday. So far, eight people have died because of the virus and one death was reported in Balochistan.

Abdul Gh Lone