4 June 2020
  • 3:04 am Scientists estimate Covid may have entered India in November-Dec
  • 12:30 am Watch SAMAA TV Headlines | 12am | 04 June | Pakistan
  • 12:00 am Another 29 die of coronavirus in Sindh
  • 11:15 pm Explainer video: The curious case of PIA’s losses
  • 11:00 pm Border talks with China: ‘India to present specific proposals on June 6’
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The Islamabad administration has started distributing rations among daily wage workers affected by the lockdown in the federal capital.

Lower income groups and daily wagers have been distressed ever since the lockdown was imposed across the country on Monday to contain the coronavirus spread.

In Islamabad, distribution of ration bags in multiple areas has started, confirmed Assistant Commissioner Asadullah in a Twitter post on Saturday.

@dcislamabad role is mltidimen. Besides fighting COVID-19, we’r fighting poverty. @iasadullah_pas gave ration to ppl with a commitment to stay at home and not worry abt food. Shout out to donors whose generosity keeps our public service spirit high. @NadiaSherkhan @MustafaScouts pic.twitter.com/H0t9mpU6tM— Asadullah (@iasadullah_pas) March 28, 2020

He gave a “shout out” to donors who had helped the administration in their project. Free food and shelter is being provided to people across the city, he added.

Pakistan has reported around 1,300 cases of the virus so far. Ten fatalities have also taken place.

Abdul Gh Lone