5 July 2020
  • 11:35 pm Global coronavirus coronavirus death toll tops 530,000
  • 11:35 pm Scaled-down Czech film festival opens in empty auditorium
  • 11:35 pm Spain imposes second local coronavirus lockdown in two days
  • 11:20 pm Govt won’t be able to complete its term: Fazl
  • 11:20 pm UK minister says Huawei must meet conditions for involvement in 5G network
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A man donned a burqa to meet a woman at a hospital in Sukkur on Monday, according to the police.

He wore a skirt underneath the burqa.

The hospital’s administration got dubious of him when they saw the hair on his feet after which they caught him and handed him over to the police.

The police said that the man admitted that he was going to meet a woman admitted in the hospital and had, therefore, disguised himself.

Abdul Gh Lone