10 August 2020
  • 8:46 pm Balochistan lifts timing restrictions for businesses
  • 8:32 pm How to report illegal constructions to SBCA
  • 8:32 pm Pilot committed to working for Cong, says party after his meet with Rahul
  • 8:32 pm ‘Sushant case being hyped due to Bihar polls’
  • 8:32 pm Live: Andhra Covid spike lowest in two weeks
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The Karachi police found two bodies in a house in Malir’s Joharabad on Saturday.

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The couple were reportedly murdered by the woman’s brother. The man confessed to killing them on the pretext of honour in police custody.

While in custody, he told the police where the bodies were.

The couple had moved into the house just two days earlier.

The suspect said he killed them because he found out they moved in together. The man was the suspect’s relative as well.

Abdul Gh Lone