27 September 2020
  • 12:19 am After quitting govt, BJP’s ‘oldest ally’ Akali Dal walks out of NDA
  • 12:18 am How long will India be kept out: PM at UNGA
  • 12:18 am Live: PM questions UN’s role in Covid fight
  • 12:18 am Live: Cinema halls in Bengal to reopen from Oct 1
  • 12:18 am ‘Will govt have Rs 80,000cr for Covid vaccine?’
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A bill aiming to penalise the intentional ridiculing and defaming of the armed forces was introduced in the National Assembly on Tuesday.

The Criminal Law (Amendment) Bill, 2020 was introduced in
the House by PTI MNA Amjad Ali Khan.

It proposes amendments to the Pakistan Penal Code and the
Code of Criminal Procedure. Deliberately mocking, defaming or insulting the
armed forces or any of its members is termed a criminal act under this bill.

It proposes a two-year jail term or Rs500,000 fine or both
as punishment for it.

The purpose of this amendment is to prevent hatred and
disrespectful behaviour against the armed forces.

Abdul Gh Lone