23 September 2020
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  • 7:02 pm WWE wrestler Road Warrior Animal passes away
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Actor Faysal Qureshi wishes PML-N President Shehbaz Sharif could have opted for a better choice of words while discussing the Lahore motorway rape in Parliament on Tuesday.

During a National Assembly session on September 15,
the leader of the opposition made a speech about the motorway rape.

A woman was raped in front of her children by two unidentified men on the motorway on September 9. She was driving to Gujranwala when she ran out of fuel near Lahore’s Gujjarpura area.

“I ask you to initiate an inquiry into this issue,”
Shehbaz addressed National Assembly Speaker Asad Qaiser. “That when on a
motorway, the Sialkot motorway and I do not think it is not inappropriate to
say that this motorway was made Alhamdulillah, by the PML-N under Nawaz
Sharif’s leadership…” he said to thumps of approval from PML-N leaders.

His comments sparked a lot of criticism on social
media. People started calling him out on multiple social media platforms.

Qureshi expressed his disdain over the comment and tweeted that the PML-N leader could have instead said, “We did not build the motorway to cause oppression, we built it for prosperity and development. These oppressors took revenge on the nation, not on us or the motorway, by not providing security.”

ہم نے موٹر وے اس لئے نہیں بنائی تھی کہ یہ ظلم ہو ، ہم نے خوشحالی اور ترقی کے لئے بنائی تھی ان ظالموں نے سیکورٹی کا انتظام نہ کرکے ہم سے یا موٹر وے سے نہیں، قوم سے انتقام لیا۔ Kash ayese khe daity— Faysal Quraishi (@faysalquraishi) September 15, 2020

The actor’s fans agreed with him in the comments.

Earlier today, Shehbaz posted an apology via his official account.

He apologised for not being able to “properly contextualize [his] comment”. “I’m devastated like all of you on this unfortunate incident. Hope the government now provides security on the Sialkot motorway for the safety of citizens,” he wrote.

A lot of people from the Pakistan film and drama industry have expressed their concern and anger over the Lahore motorway rape. They want the perpetrators to be arrested immediately.

Abdul Gh Lone