27 September 2020
  • 3:32 am PM Modi presents upbeat, forward-looking Indian agenda at UN
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  • 12:19 am After quitting govt, BJP’s ‘oldest ally’ Akali Dal walks out of NDA
  • 12:18 am How long will India be kept out: PM at UNGA
  • 12:18 am Live: PM questions UN’s role in Covid fight
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At least five people lost their lives in rain-related incidents in different districts of Sindh on Tuesday.

In Umerkot, two people drowned in rainwater. Lalji Bheel Bheel and his aged mother drowned in rainwater in Hout Khan Babar village near Umerkot town. Their bodies were retrieved by villagers.

A 13-year-old boy, Zahid Samjo, was killed after being struck by lightning in Raj Malik village near Jati town of Sujawal district during heavy rainfall in the coastal belt.

Six-year-old Pari Khaskheli lost her life after the roof of a damaged house caved in in Mohammad Khan Talpur village near Khadro town of the flood-hit Sanghar district.

An 18-year-old drowned in rainwater in Hayat Khaskheli area of Mirpurkhas district.

Demonstrations were staged by those affected by the rain in Kaloi, Naukot, Umerkot, Pangrio and other towns of the flood-hit districts of Sindh. They protested the failure of the government in providing relief items, including food, safe drinking water, mosquito nets and other basic facilities to those tens of thousands of people who were displaced after their houses and other structures were inundated and damaged by the rain and flood water.

The protesters said they were forced to live in subhuman conditions at the so-called relief camps and on the banks of canals, roads and atop sandy dunes. They told the media that they were being forced to drink highly contaminated rainwater.

Abdul Gh Lone