25 September 2020
  • 2:17 pm Irrfan Khan’s son dreams of his late father
  • 2:17 pm Daraz partners with SAMAA TV to hold annual seller conference virtually
  • 2:17 pm Pakistan legends pick their favourite team for National T20 Cup
  • 2:02 pm Iqama holders crowd Punjab’s PIA offices following ticket shortage
  • 2:02 pm Singer Balasubrahmanyam dies; his youthful voice to live in 40,000 songs
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Residents of Karachi’s Qayyumabad are angry at a traffic policeman who let a hit and run driver go after they handed him over to him.
The policeman, who identified himself as Ali Hassan, was posted in Qayyumabad on September 9 when a water tank driver hit a motorcycle, killing the three siblings travelling on it.
Residents caught the driver and handed him over to the policeman but Hassan let him go.
Angry residents started filming Hassan, who then fled. He ran through traffic and into a house in an effort to escape the crowd but they cornered him. He identified himself on camera and denied taking a bribe to let the driver go.
“Anyone would run if someone started filming them,” he asserted.
The Defence police have said that the investigation in the case has stalled as they cannot find the tanker driver. They are searching for him.

Abdul Gh Lone