30 October 2020
  • 3:47 pm SBCA drill crushed while knocking over illegal building in Karachi
  • 3:32 pm Ali Gul Pir back home after accident leaves him bedridden
  • 3:32 pm Alert issued for possible attack on Karachi traffic policemen
  • 3:32 pm Eid Milad un Nabi: Govt grants 30-day remission to prisoners across Country
  • 3:17 pm Watch: A recitation of the Qasida Burda Shareef
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India has bought high altitude warfare kits from the US on an urgent basis, a sign that the South Asian nation is preparing for an extended winter deployment after talks to ease tensions along its border with China stalled. The worst standoff between the Asia neighbours in four decades has prompted India and China to move thousands of troops to the disputed Himalayan border.

Abdul Gh Lone