31 October 2020
  • 4:02 pm Pakistani female SFX artist transforms people into terrifying characters
  • 4:02 pm Watch SAMAA TV Headlines | 3pm | October 31 | Pakistan
  • 3:32 pm Nawabshah man arrested for killing Indus dolphin
  • 3:32 pm OGRA recommends Rs2 reduction in petroleum prices
  • 2:47 pm It’s not me: Sana Javed warns fans about fake account
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Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the Pakistan Democratic Movement’s rally in Gujranwala was nothing but a political circus.

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He was speaking at the Tiger Force convention in Islamabad on Saturday.

“I have to make a few remarks about the circus at night,” he said. “Many people participated in the circus and you are all just stuck on Diesel.”

The remarks made by former PM Nawaz Sharif about the Pakistani army chief are condemnable. He spoke the same language as Indian PM Narendra Modi.

He went ahead and showed two before and after pictures of Nawaz. “Look at this face when he wanted to go to London and the second one is of him after he reached London,” the PM said.

The premier even played an old clip of one of his interviews in which he said that former PM Nawaz Sharif and former president Asif Ali Zardari will unite to protect their own corruption.

Taking a dig at Maryam Nawaz and Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, he said that he won’t comment on speeches made by the “kids”. One of them may be a grandmother but I will still call her a child as they have no political experience. People only learn when they go out and work hard but these two have been living off the wealth of their fathers.

He started his speech by thanking the Tiger Force for their services. “I thank on the nation’s behalf for all that you have done,” he said.

Any volunteer force holds immense importance in society. They play a big role in any democracy, he remarked. Our nation comes together whenever the country needs it.

“I need your help, especially with our tree plantation drive. We have to plant 10 billion trees in the next five years.” Pakistan must take all steps to counter climate change, he remarked. “Our wheat crops were destroyed because of unprecedented and unpredictable rains and that was because of climate change.”

We have to clean our rivers too, the premier said. People keep throwing trash and garbage in our rivers.

Hoarding is a curse, he remarked. “I need your help with this. You can’t go and interfere with anything. You take pictures and filed a complaint on our portal and then the government will take action,” he said while detailing their duties. “You will be helping the administration but don’t interfere anywhere because then fake ‘tigers’ will emerge and then they exploit the situation.”

Abdul Gh Lone