25 October 2020
  • 12:47 am Watch SAMAA TV Headlines | 12am | October 25 | Pakistan
  • 11:47 pm Eight people kills in Jhelum road accident: Dumper and Van Clashes
  • 10:47 pm 18 killed in IS attack at Kabul education centre
  • 10:02 pm Quetta bans pillion riding ahead of PDM jalsa
  • 10:02 pm Karachi AIG tests positive for coronavirus
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A fire broke out Sunday morning at Hafeez Centre in Lahore’s Gulberg.

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The fire began on the second floor and has spread to the third floor and engulfed an entire section of the building. The fire broke out at around 6am due to a short circuit, according to rescue workers.

There are 12 fire brigade vehicles at the scene but so far the fire is still raging. The smoke is making it difficult for the firefighters to battle the blaze.

No one was inside the building when the fire broke out so there have been no injuries or casualties. Shopkeepers arrived after hearing the news and began removing things from their stores as the fire raged above. The mall is closed on Sunday.

Everything in the electronic market has been destroyed, rescue workers say. The value of the mobile phones, laptops and other electronics in the market is reportedly in the millions of rupees.

Firefighters say they cannot determine how long it will take to extinguish the fire, as it keeps increasing. Plastic and metal within the building and strong winds outside are making it difficult for firefighters.

This is a developing story and is being updated

Abdul Gh Lone