24 November 2020
  • 5:32 pm PM Imran gives in-principle approval for law on chemical castration of rapists
  • 4:32 pm England to cut quarantine for travellers from abroad
  • 4:02 pm Wolves at Islamabad zoo to be flown abroad
  • 3:32 pm Supreme Court to hear Asif Zardari’s cases transfer petition
  • 3:17 pm Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to offer scholarships to 500 students
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The post of Karachi commissioner has been vacated after the promotion of Dr Muhammad Sohail Rajput to grade-22.

In a notification issued by the Cabinet Secretariat, Establishment Division on Thursday, Dr Rajput was promoted to the post of special secretary of the commerce division.

This means the post of Karachi commissioner is now open for grade 21 bureaucrats.

Dr Rajput was appointed as the commissioner in August 2020.

He has been transferred to the federal government for the second time. In 2018, he served as an additional secretary for the finance ministry.

Abdul Gh Lone