24 November 2020
  • 4:32 pm England to cut quarantine for travellers from abroad
  • 4:02 pm Wolves at Islamabad zoo to be flown abroad
  • 3:32 pm Supreme Court to hear Asif Zardari’s cases transfer petition
  • 3:17 pm Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to offer scholarships to 500 students
  • 3:17 pm Fakhar Zaman again tests negative for Covid-19
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Comedian Ali Gul Pir was hospitalized following an accident that left him injured and unable to walk.

He took to Instagram to share photos of him in the hospital. He also posted photos of his x-rays revealing that he suffered a fracture in his thigh bone which made it difficult to walk.

He reassured his fans that he was doing well and would be discharged from the hospital soon but would have to remain on bed-rest for the next two months.

“Inshallah going home tomorrow will be spending loads of time on my bed. What all can I do to keep busy for 2 months lol,” he wrote on Instagram.

Today (Friday) he posted on his Instagram stories that he has returned home.

Giving details of every development to his fans, he informed them that he has shifted a TV to his room and will be passing these two months watching shows.

Recently, he trolled Prime Minister Imran Khan in a sarcastic video for soaring egg prices.

Referring to PM Khan’s 2018 “great plan” of alleviating poverty by providing eggs and chickens to rural women to start their own poultry businesses, Ali captioned the video: “PM’s plan to help the chickens. The reason why eggs cost Rs160 a dozen now.”

Abdul Gh Lone