26 November 2020
  • 10:32 pm Umme Rubab rebuts Sindh police’s claims of arresting family’s killer
  • 10:32 pm PTI GBLA members bag speaker, deputy speaker positions
  • 10:02 pm Watch SAMAA TV Headlines 9pm Pakistan – 26 November 2020
  • 9:47 pm Turkey jails 300 for life in mass 2016 coup trial
  • 9:32 pm ‘Had Shehbaz betrayed Nawaz, Imran wouldn’t be in the picture’
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The Pakistan Democratic Movement chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman said Saturday the opposition parties will hold a rally in Peshawar on November 22 even if the administration doesn’t allow it.
The city administration has denied the PDM permission to hold its rally because of a rise in cases of the coronavirus.
Illegitimate rulers are trying hard to get the rally postponed and they are now using the coronavirus as a tool to stop it, said Fazl. The “illegitimate government” is the biggest “corona” and the country will be a better place without them, he said.
Prime Minister Imran Khan has also criticised the opposition parties for “defying court orders” and holding a jalsa when coronavirus infections are rising in the country.
He accused the opposition leaders of “playing reckless politics with people’s safety”.
What is the Pakistan Democratic Movement?
The PDM, which comprises 11 opposition parties, has been staging anti-government rallies across Pakistan.
The first one was held in Gujranwala on October 16, the second in Karachi on October 18 and the third in Quetta on October 25. The movement’s fifth rally will be held in Peshawar on November 22, sixth in Multan on November 30 and the last rally will be held in Lahore on December 13.
The opposition members said there should be accountability for anyone accused of corruption, not just the opposition. At the rallies, the opposition leaders also challenged the country’s powerful establishment, accusing them of bringing the PTI government to power through systematic rigging.

Abdul Gh Lone