23 January 2021
  • 2:32 pm Twitter is not forgiving Cannoli’s owners any time soon
  • 2:02 pm Hurricane forecast for coastal areas of Balochistan
  • 2:02 pm Khanpur goes on a witch-hunt, ‘churail’ stealing goats arrested
  • 1:32 pm Severe reaction to Moderna vaccine ‘rare’, Pfizer donates countries shots
  • 1:02 pm Karachi court indicts suspects in doctor-blogger suicide case
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The Federal Investigation Agency raided Monday night a software house on Karachi’s Sharae Faisal. The company’s records, data, and computers have been seized.

The Digitonics Lab’s office is at the Business Avenue building.

The FIA team sealed the entry and exit points of the building during the raid and they were present at the office for more than 10 hours.

The team investigated the staffers too and recorded the statements of eight people.

FIA Director Abdul Ghaffar said that they can’t reveal any details yet, adding that an official statement will be released soon.

The software house has, however, yet to release a statement on the raid.

Abdul Gh Lone