25 February 2021
  • 11:47 am Three injured in Khuzdar explosion
  • 11:32 am Faisalabad man attacked for ‘peeping into neighbour’s house’
  • 11:32 am Listen to your favourite Pakistani artists on Spotify
  • 11:17 am Hamza Shahbaz granted bail in money laundering case
  • 10:17 am Man accused of murdering 11 people arrested in Gujranwala
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Authorities have sealed the office of M/s PIDC Employees Multipurpose Cooperative Housing Society after complaints of illegal sale of plots by a fake management. The society is located in Scheme-33 and has its office in Panorama Center, Saddar.

The Sindh Cooperative Housing Societies Department received
several complaints from society members and the assistant registrar over
illegal occupation of the society office.

The SCHSD deputy registrar last week requested the South
superintendent of police to vacate the society office. It has been sealed until
election of the society as it didn’t have a legitimate managing committee,
according to the deputy registrar.

The PIDC Employees Cooperative Housing Society is on the
Sindh Building Control Authority’s list of societies that have yet to have
their layout plans approved.

Muhammad Tahir Shaikh, a 75-year-old senior society member,
said the fake management was illegally selling plots.

Shaikh is one of the complainants who registered complaints
in the offices of the SCHSD deputy registrar and assistant registrar.

Abdul Hafeez Brohi, the PIDC Employees Cooperative Housing
Society secretary, was involved in selling and buying plots along with his
team, according to Shaikh.

The Cooperative Housing Societies Department nominated Fateh
Jamali as the society’s administrator. Jamali appointed Brohi the society
secretary without holding an election in 2012.

They restrained society members from taking part in election
and announced their own secretary and office-bearers.

“The original members bought plots in the PIDC
Employees Cooperative Housing Society in 1971,” Shaikh said. “The
society is located in Scheme-33, Gulzar-e-Hijri.”

Society members have registered their complaints with
different organisations, including the National Accountability Bureau and the
Sindh Anti-Corruption & Establishment.

Brohi and his team sold out plots to innocent people by
forging files, Shaikh alleged. They colluded with estate agents, who brought
them buyers.

The agents sent potential buyers to the society office for
verification of plot files and legal status of the society, according to the
society member. The fake management verified the documents and referred people
back to estate agents for further process.

Over the last 10 years, the fake management made several
changes in the society’s layout plan too, Shaikh said. NAB is already
investigating the society’s administrator and secretary, he said.

Abdul Gh Lone