5 March 2021
  • 6:02 pm At least 14 killed by avalanche in northern Afghanistan: officials
  • 6:02 pm ECP’s press release response seems ‘inappropriate’: Fawad
  • 5:47 pm Watch: What’s PEMRA’s problem with Dil Na Umeed Tou Nahin?
  • 5:32 pm Let us work independently, ECP tells PM Imran Khan
  • 5:32 pm Funny Heist: banter between robber, shopkeeper in Pakistan goes viral
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Netflix has announced that it has come up with a feature that will automatically download content according to users’ genre preference.

According to a Techcrunch report, the user will pick either 1GB, 3GB and 5GB of storage space on their mobile for downloads after connecting to Wi-Fi. The downloaded content can also be streamed on TV after connecting it to your mobile.

Netflix’s Director of Product Innovation
Patrick Flemming says it will make selection easier for the website’s subscribers.

“We want to make discovering your next new favourite series or film even easier — whether you’re connected or not,” he said.

The feature was tested last year and has been made available recently. It is only available on Android phones, and the iOS version will be released later.

Abdul Gh Lone