9 May 2021
  • 9:32 pm ECP notifies Qadir Khan Mandokhail’s return to National Assembly after NA-249 win
  • 9:17 pm Prime Minister Imran Khan performed Umrah
  • 8:02 pm Kabah’s doors opened for PM Khan as he performs Umrah
  • 7:17 pm Pakistan Railways to run Eid special trains between Peshawar-Rawalpindi
  • 6:47 pm Large Chinese rocket segment disintegrates over Indian Ocean
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Activist Muniba Mazari has featured in a fashion film Saancha , which encourages women to be themselves.

“A story to remember,” said Muniba. “Saancha is inspired by the story within each one of us that wishes to be heard.”

The film is part of an ad campaign by fashion brand Lajwanti, and opens with the words: “Dear bride, I want to tell you a very important story that you will always remember. The story is yours, but also mine, and everyone else’s.”

Photo: Instagram/Muniba MazariShe says a world that celebrates uniformity never sees peace and happiness. “We are all put into a mould and become copies of each other, losing ourselves.”

The film ends Muniba saying a story is only remembered if it is unique and special.

Muniba is also a model, artist, motivational speaker and humanitarian. UN Women appointed her as Pakistan’s first national ambassador in December 2015. BBC also named her among its 100 Women for 2015.

Abdul Gh Lone