9 May 2021
  • 9:17 pm Prime Minister Imran Khan performed Umrah
  • 8:02 pm Kabah’s doors opened for PM Khan as he performs Umrah
  • 7:17 pm Pakistan Railways to run Eid special trains between Peshawar-Rawalpindi
  • 6:47 pm Large Chinese rocket segment disintegrates over Indian Ocean
  • 5:17 pm Nation should follow corona SOPs on Eidul Fitr : President Dr Arif Alvi
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Pakistan will see Aurat March rallies and sit-in across various cities on Monday in line with International Women’s Day, with women and gender minorities coming out on the streets to protest the oppression they face in society
In order to facilitate traffic, here are updates related to the routes and strategies from some of the cities organising the Aurat March 2021.
KarachiIn Karachi, the Aurat March organisers, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, have instead put together the Aurat Dharna, which will ensure social distancing.
“6 foot ki doori, Magar inqilab zaruri (Please ensure 6-feet distance but the revolution is crucial),” they wrote in an update on the official Twitter account.

The Aurat Dharna will be at Frere Hall at 3 pm on 8th March, 2021 !Let’s take the patriarchy down together!6 foot ki doori,Magar inqilab zaruri ✨??#AuratMarch2021 #PatriarchyKaPandemicDesigner: Areeba Siddiqui pic.twitter.com/tSurGfVoq8
— Aurat March – عورت مارچ (@AuratMarchKHI) March 4, 2021
In addition, Aurat March Karachi have continued with their practice of being inclusive, working with the NOWPDP —an NGO working for the rights of differently-abled persons — to make the dharna more inclusive and accessible.

Aurat March aims to be an inclusive space. We have worked with NOWPDP to make the dharna more accessible. If you are a person with disability/hearing impairment, please note:1. There will be a separate entrance for people with disabilities which will#AuratMarch2021 pic.twitter.com/bR15xnZLWR
— Aurat March – عورت مارچ (@AuratMarchKHI) March 7, 2021
Aurat March Karachi will be held at the metropolis’ famed Frere Hall at 3pm.
LahoreAurat March Lahore’s organisers have announced that the route for the rally will be “from Lahore Press Club to the front of the PIA building!”
“There is also a designated entry point for differently-abled and old people. It is the road between Governor House and Al Hamrah,” they wrote on Twitter.

ROUTE FOR #AURATMARCHLAHORE 2021:The route is from Lahore Press Club to the front of PIA building! There is also a designated entry point for differently abled and old people. It is the road between Governor House and Al Hamrah.SOPs to be followed.MONDAY, 8th MARCH AT 2 P.M. pic.twitter.com/j424kmJ6F3
— ⁧عورت مارچ لاہور⁩ – Aurat March Lahore (@AuratMarch) March 5, 2021
The organisers stressed the importance of the coronavirus-related standard operating procedures (SOPs), which, organisers say, are mandatory to follow.
The event will commence at 2pm.
IslamabadThe Aurat Azadi March 2021 has been scheduled to start at 1pm on Monday, with the main event to start at the Islamabad Press Club.

Join us this 8th of March, 2021, as we march for the preservation of life. Islamabad Press Club, 1:00 pm#OurDemands#AuratAzadSamajAzad#AuratAzadiMarch2021 pic.twitter.com/WbEShZmBEM
— Aurat Azadi March Islamabad (@AuratAzadiMarch) March 7, 2021
QuettaAurat March organisers in Quetta have announced that they will hold the Aurat Azadi Conference at 3pm at the Quetta Press Club, where women and gender minorities will gather to voice their concerns and issues.

Aurat Azadi Conference8 March, Monday 3pmQuetta Press Club pic.twitter.com/Y7mipInTUg
— Aurat Azadi March Quetta (@AuratAzadiQta) March 3, 2021
In the follow up to the March, organisers created polls asking if people were planning to attend the Aurat Azadi Conference and who they would bring alongside.
MultanMultan will hold its second Aurat March this year, with the aim of “fighting patriarchy and Covid-19 simultaneously”.
The rally will start at the Nawa Shehar Chowk, go through the LMQ Road and Abdali Road, with the main event and speeches scheduled to be held at the Multan Press Club.

Aurat March Multan will take place on International Women’s Day 8th March 2021. It will initiate from Nawa Shehar Chowk Multan and continue till the Press Club. This year we are fighting patriarchy and Covid-19 simultaneously. So wear a mask and sanitise your hands. pic.twitter.com/cADsLvBODq
— Aurat March Multan- عورت مارچ ملتان (@AuratMarchMultn) February 20, 2021
Hyderabad, Sukkur, and LarkanaAurat March Sindh organisers — representing feminists and allies from Hyderabad, Sukkur, and Larkana — have announced that their rally will start from the city’s popular Shahbaz Building to the Hyderabad Press Club.
Professor Dr Arfana Mallah said the Women Freedom March will raise voice for women’s rights and to condemn violence and harassment against them.

لوڏ ھن سماج کي .. ڳاء انقلاب ڳاء #AuratAzadiMarch2021 #AuratMarch2021 #AuratAzadiMarchHyderabad @amarsindhu @Arfanamallah66 @Marvi_S90 @RukhssnaPreet pic.twitter.com/WLINaOBjYH
— AuratAzadiMarchSindh (@AuratMarchSindh) February 22, 2021
Dr Mallah appealed the people belonging to all walks of life to participate in the march to condemn harassment against women and molestation of innocent, minor girls in the country.

Abdul Gh Lone