6 May 2021
  • 12:32 am Watch SAMAA TV Headlines 12am Pakistan – 6 May 2021
  • 11:47 pm PML-N’s Malik Moazzam leading PP-84 Khushab by-polls
  • 11:32 pm Lives could be saved, had govt timely bought vaccines: Musadik
  • 11:17 pm Dr Shamshad Akhtar elected as first female PSX chairperson
  • 11:02 pm Saudi Arabia may not allow overseas pilgrims to perform Hajj
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Actor Zoya Nasir said no one has the right to
publicly disgrace a person after Noor Bukhari criticised a bride’s outfit.

“It’s her dream day,” said Zoya. “The bride is not forcing her beliefs or lifestyle on anyone.”

Photo: Instagram/Zoya NasirShe said this in response to Noor’s post showing a couple at their wedding. “Where are we heading? Is this our tradition?” Noor remarked, referring to what she thought was an inappropriate suit for the bride.

“Let’s not forget what
the person objecting has done in the past,” Zoya said, adding sarcastically
that Noor had a “pretty good role to play where people are headed today”.

Noor deleted her post
following backlash, saying that she had realised her mistake.

“I regret what I did,” she said. “It concerns me that there used to be a time when dulhan looked so pretty in haya.”

Photo: Instagram/Galaxy LollywoodThe former actor
defended herself by saying she has realised one cannot “point out what’s wrong

Noor has criticised actor Minal Khan and Ahsan Mohsin
Ikram’s photos as well. “If they’re married then being close and posting these
pictures is fine, but if not, then they’re misleading the youth.”

Zoya made headlines last month when she got engaged to
German vlogger Christian Betzmann, who has converted to
Islam. She was accused of ruining Christian’s
religion after she congratulated him.

Abdul Gh Lone