6 May 2021
  • 12:32 am Watch SAMAA TV Headlines 12am Pakistan – 6 May 2021
  • 11:47 pm PML-N’s Malik Moazzam leading PP-84 Khushab by-polls
  • 11:32 pm Lives could be saved, had govt timely bought vaccines: Musadik
  • 11:17 pm Dr Shamshad Akhtar elected as first female PSX chairperson
  • 11:02 pm Saudi Arabia may not allow overseas pilgrims to perform Hajj
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Asim Azhar’s music has done well in the past couple of months and he has some valuable lessons to share about it; but not without some shade.

The singer took to Twitter to thank his fans for appreciating and giving “value” to his art. He then said that this proves that original music can also help musicians build their profile, and they should not depend on brand-sponsored music productions or controversy to be in the headlines.

It makes me happy to see the fans giving value to the craft we make..i hope its an eye opener for A LOT of the artists (mainstream too) to start making original content & music videos. Sirf brands ka wait karte reh jaoge tou hogaya kaam. Thora jaib mai haath daalo aur saath do
— Asim Azhar (@AsimAzharr) March 28, 2021

He claimed that very few artists, including established artists, are working on their craft, while others mostly wait for some brand, TV drama or controversy.

I can literally count on one hand ke sirf kitne (established) artists hain that are investing in their craft & the music industry constantly. Baaki sab…? Bas koi brand ajaye, koi drama karlain, koi controversy ajaye. Aise nahi hota dost. Kuch dogay tou kuch milega — Asim Azhar (@AsimAzharr) March 28, 2021

His music video YAAD, in collaboration with Young Stunners, was trending at the top in Pakistan. He also has one of the highest followers in Pakistan on Spotify.

Abdul Gh Lone