9 May 2021
  • 8:02 pm Kabah’s doors opened for PM Khan as he performs Umrah
  • 7:17 pm Pakistan Railways to run Eid special trains between Peshawar-Rawalpindi
  • 6:47 pm Large Chinese rocket segment disintegrates over Indian Ocean
  • 5:17 pm Nation should follow corona SOPs on Eidul Fitr : President Dr Arif Alvi
  • 5:02 pm Ramiz heaps praise on Abid for scoring double-century against Zimbabwe
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Prime Minister Imran Khan is addressing the nation on the calls to expel the French ambassador and subsequent violence in the country.

These unfortunate events in the last few weeks, made me decide to come before you today, he said. “Our country was formed for Islam,” he said.

“Our Holy Prophet (PBUH) is in their hearts. And so whenever in the world whenever anyone insults his personhood. It pains us. It pains Muslims across the world.”

The prime minister said that last week, a group felt that it loved the Prophet (PBUH) more than others.

“We are like them, we do not want any country to blaspheme against Prophet (PBUH),” he said. “Our methods are different. We are trying that this should never happen.”

Abdul Gh Lone