10 May 2021
  • 12:32 am Teenager arrested for stealing money from ATM machine in Karachi
  • 12:32 am Watch SAMAA TV Headlines 12am Pakistan – 10May 2021
  • 10:47 pm Saudi Arabia, UAE saved Pakistan from defaulting: PM Khan
  • 10:47 pm Death toll from blasts near Afghan girls’ school rises to 68
  • 10:47 pm Chinese rocket debris lands in Indian Ocean
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For the first time ever, the Saudi government has released high-resolution closeup pictures of Maqam-e-Ibrahim (Place of Ibrahim) and Hajr-e-Aswad (Black Stone).

According to the General Presidency for the Affairs of the Grand Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque ReasahAlharmain, the photos were taken using latest technology.

Photo: ReasahAlHarmainLocated 11 meters east of the Holy Kaaba, Maqam-e-Ibrahim is where Prophet Ibrahim stood on a rock and lay the foundation of the building of the Kaaba. His footprints are still present on the rock.

The footprints of the prophet are two oval pits, with a width, length, and size of 50cm.

Maqam-e-Ibrahim is protected by a golden lattice fence located in the east of the Kaaba. Muslims visit the place during the Tawaf of the Kaaba.

Photo: ReasahAlHarmainOn Tuesday, the Saudi government released closeup shots of the Hijr-e-Aswad as well. The Focus Stack Panorama Technology was used to click the pictures which took seven hours.

Photo: ReasahAlHarmainPilgrims begin and end their tawaf from the Black Stone. It is located on the east of the Kaaba and is reddish black in color.

Photo: ReasahAlHarmain

Abdul Gh Lone